An Enemy of the People

Written by Henrik Ibsen
Directed by Jeff Wise

Gene Frankel Theatre
New York, NY
June 9- June 24, 2017

An Enemy of the People is a meditation on the foundation of a democratic system, the tyranny of the majority, and the poisoning nature of bureaucracy and economic self interest. How difficult is it to stand up for what you know is true?

Critical Praise

Wheelhouse Theater Company’s concise razor-sharp adaptation...hits home and hits hard....Under Wise’s astute directorial vision, Wheelhouse delivers Ibsen’s message with a balance of wit and weight, affirms its contemporary relevance, and leaves us to consider our own moral fiber...This is a show to see and a director and company to watch.
D.C. Metro, Deb Miller
The cast works seamlessly together finding the pith and core of this great play. Is there anything more compelling than a talented group of artists working moment to moment to reveal the inner themes of a great Ibsen play? I think not...This prescient work by Wheelhouse Theatre Company continues to resonate with its audience for days after the performance.
Stagebuddy, Bill Crouch
While Wheelhouse’s production of An Enemy of the People is relevant and timely without being dictatorial.
The Reviews Hub, Carrie Lee O’Dell

Creative and Cast

Author:  Henrik Ibsen

Director: Jeffrey Wise

Scenic Design:  Brittany Vasta

Lighting Design: Drew Florida

Co-Lighting Design: Cha See

Costume Design: Christopher Metzger

Production Stage Manager: Carly Levin

Producer/Creative Consultant: David Kenner

Marketing Consultant: Katie Rosin/KampFire Films PR

Wheelhouse Theater Company: Matt Harrington, David Kenner, Michael Schantz, Jeffrey Wise

Cast: Michael Schantz, Ben Graney, Stacey Linnartz, Joshua David Robinson, David Kenner, Christina Toth


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