In The Room

Written by Lawrence Dial
Directed by Adam Knight
​Produced by Kelli Giddish and Slant Theater Project in association with Wheelhouse Theater Company

The Alchemical Theatre
New York, NY
Oct 20 - Nov 16, 2016

Seymour, a washed-up playwright with one forgotten hit to his name, lands a gig teaching a writers’ workshop. His students are a motley collection of dreamers and amateurs, young and old. As the weeks go by, the students’ plays begin to blur the line between truth and fiction, imperiling the workshop’s delicate balance. In the Room uncovers the hopeless and heroic that exists between the lines, and off the page.

Critical Praise

"solid and smart...thoroughly transporting”
Anita Gates, NY Times
"naturalistic, intimate, and absorbing”
Howard Miller, Talking Broadway
"engaging and entertaining"
Sarah Moore, Theasy

Creative and Cast

Author:  Lawrence Dial

Director: Adam Knight

Lighting Design: Lauren Duffie

Costume Design: Kristina Makowski

Sound Design: Toby Jaguar Algya

Production Stage Manager: Sarah Haber

Production Consultant:  Nick Moses Mills

Producer: Kelli Giddish, Slant Theatre Project

Wheelhouse Theater Company: Matt Harrington, David Kenner, Michael Schantz, Jeffrey Wise

Cast: Matt Harrington, Reuben Barsky, Suzy Jane Hunt, Rob Karma Robinson, Susan Neuffer, Jacob Perkins, Chelsea Melone


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