Written by Lawrence Dial
Directed by Jeff Wise

4th Street Theatre
New York, NY
January 7-28, 2017

​In a bucolic Brooklyn park Kris and Danny meet for their children’s first play date. While commiserating, a precarious emotional relationship forms between them. When one of their children is inexplicably injured, the sequential fall-out incites their spouses, Donna and Veronica, along a self-destructive path in search of the superfluous truth. DANNYKRISDONNAVERONICA is an offbeat meditation on the confounding business of contemporary parenthood.

Critical Praise

"These excellent performances brought out the beauty of the story, delivering a moving tribute to parenthood"
Auriane Desombre, Stagebuddy
"intensely performed and dynamically presented”
Darryl Reilly, Theater Scene
"DANNYKRISDONNAVERONICA is an ambitious play that does not offer easy solutions"
Howard Miller, TalkinBroadway

Creative and Cast

Author:  Lawrence Dial

Director: Jeffrey Wise

Production Stage Manager: Carly Levin

Production Design:  Brittany Vasta

Lighting Design: Drew Florida

Sound Design: Mark Van Hare

Wheelhouse Theater Company: Matt Harrington, David Kenner, Michael Schantz, Jeffrey Wise

Cast: Rachel Mewbron, Ben Mehl, Suzy Jane Hunt, Liz Wisan


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